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What Degree Do You Need to be a Teacher?

The minimum education requirement for teaching K-12 is a bachelor’s degree. Someone interested in teaching at a middle school or high school level will typically major in the subject area they intend to teach. Professors teaching at a college level need to earn an advanced degree. A master’s degree is usually the minimum level of education required for professors at a community college. A doctoral degree is required for teaching at the university level. Depending on the education level in which you are interested in teaching, degree requirements can vary.

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Masters Degree Students

Educational Administration

School administrators work in every level of education, from elementary through college level. They direct programming, hire and supervise staff, manage budgets and policies and procedures for teachers and students within the school.

Doctoral Degree Students

Curriculum & Instruction

Curriculum and Instruction is a field within education dedicated to the research, development and implementations of curriculum that will improve student achievement. Graduates focus on how students learn and strive to improve ways to educate.

Graduate Certificate Students

Special Education Teacher

The goal of special education programs is to provide all children equal access to education by providing services that will help students with special needs like blindness, communication needs/deafness, or behavioral or developmental needs.

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What Can You Do with an Education Degree?

A bachelor’s degree in education most commonly prepares prospective K-12 teachers with foundational skills. A degree in education however can lead to several other career paths such as counseling, psychology, social work, consulting, admissions, and other specializations. In some cases, additional degrees or certificates may be required.

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